Research with subjects with mental or behavioral disorders

Before undertaking research with subjects suffering from mental illness or behavioral disorders and are unable to give an informed consent, the researcher should ensure that:

  1. Such persons will not be subjects of research that can be performed equally well with subjects in full possession of his mental faculties;
  2. The aim of the research is to obtain knowledge relevant to the specific health needs of people with mental or behavioral disorders;
  3. It has obtained the consent or agreement of each subject to the extent of his capabilities, Obtained the consent or concurrence of each subject as its capacity allows it, and always respect the refusal of the alleged subjects to participate in non clinical research;
  4. To obtain the informed consent of the guardian or other person duly authorized in the case of incapable subjects;
  5. The degree of risk assigned to interventions whose purpose is not to benefit the subject individual is low and provided in relation to the importance of knowledge that will be obtained; and
  6. It is likely that interventions which are carried out with the purpose of producing therapeutic benefit are at least as advantageous as any other option.


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