ü  Ensure competent review and evaluation of the ethical aspects of research projects involving human subjects that are received by the Secretariat of the Committee.

ü  Protect the rights and welfare of human subjects participating in research activities taking place under the auspices of INCAP or other institutions applying for ethical review of a project.

ü  Ensure that the projects take consider and respect socio cultural characteristics of the community where the research will take place.

ü  Ensure that reviews of research protocols are executed free of bias or influence that would affect its autonomy of decision.

ü  Having the authority to suspend or terminate a previously approved project if it determines that it is not being managed according to ethical requirements established by the rules governing the CIE. It has the authority to require modifications and disapprove research activities, including proposed changes approved in previous research with human subjects. 

ü  Ongoing projects should be reviewed at least once a year or more frequently, depending on the degree of risk determined by the Committee 

ü  Decisions are based on a majority vote of the members participating in the meeting. There must be a quorum (half plus one) to vote.  

ü  Ensure the call for internal or external reviewers with expertise in different areas of research.



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