Research involving children


Before undertaking research involving children, the researcher must ensure that:


  1. Children do not participate in research that might be carried out equally well with adults.
  2. The aim of the research is to obtain knowledge relevant to the health needs of children
  3. The parent or guardian of each child has given proxy consent.
  4. Having obtained the consent of each child to the extent that their ability allows;
  5. Always respect the refusal of the child to participate in the investigation unless, in accordance with the corresponding protocol, the child should receive treatment without having another medically acceptable alternative;
  6. The risk presented by interventions not carried out with the purpose of benefiting the individual child-subject is low and commensurate with the importance of the knowledge to be gained; and
Interventions made to provide therapeutic benefit are likely to be at least as advantageous to the child-subject as any available alternative.


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