External Reviewers


The external committee members are professionals from various disciplines of health, food and nutrition and social sciences, whom INCAP has invited to participate for a period not exceeding five years. The external member participation is voluntary and pro bono. The Committee may have independent consultants according to their needs for solving specific scientific ethical dilemmas. They have opinion but not the right to vote.

  1. Lic. Félix Castillo
  2. Dr. Ricardo Bressani
  3. Dr. Hernán Delgado
  4. Dr. Jesús Bulux
  5. Dr. Julio Hernández
  6. Ing. German Gonzalez
  7. Lic. Maria Teresa Menchu
  8. Lic. Verónika Molina
  9. Licda. Ofelia Arriaza

10. Lic. Maria Eugenia Hernández

11. Lic. Olga Torres

12. Dr. Rolando Cerezo

13. Dr. Carlos Quan

14. Licda. Patricia De León

15. Licda. Karin Estrada

16. Lic. Miguel Cuj

17. Licda. Zully Anabella Hernández

18. Licda. Maggie Fischer



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