Board of Directors


The Committee is coordinated by a professional of the Institute elected by the members of the committee, and its functions are performed pro-bono as a contribution to the research activities of the Institute, in addition to responsibilities of his position, for a period of 1 year, with possibility of extension. 

The Committee currently consists of the following Board of Directors:

    -          Lic. Valentina Santa Cruz, Presidenta

-          Lic. Carolina Martínez, Vice-Presidenta

-          Dr. Paul Melgar, Tesorero

-          Sra. Walleska de Rodríguez, Secretaria

-          Lic. María Eugenia Hernández, Representante de la Comunidad

-          Sr. Rodolfo Rodríguez, Representante de la Comunidad

-          Dra. Ana Victoria Román, Vocal

-          Dr. Manuel Ramírez, Vocal

-          Lic. Paola Letona, Vocal

-          Sra. Evelyn Ramírez, Vocal

-          Dr. Manolo Mazariegos, Vocal

-          Dr. Ricardo Bressani, Vocal



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