Costa Rica

Costa RicaINCAP's Technical Cooperation Coordinator in this country: Kattia Jiménez
Address: Calle 16, Avenida 6 y 8, Distrito Hospital,
                 2o. piso del Edificio del Ministerio de Salud, Apartado Postal 3745-1000, San José, Costa Rica
Phone: (506) 2258-5810; Fax: (506) 2258-5830

Executive Brief

costaricaThe Technical Cooperation that the Institute of Central America and Panama (INCAP) has provided through focus point appointed in the country to assist feeding and nutrition subjects is based in fulfilling the Biannual Work Plan 2010-2011 according to necessities of the country and the establishment of strategic actions that allows a better discussion on problems solution related to feeding and nutrition.

The level of commitment and responsibility of the national counterpart and key partners has allowed satisfactorily fulfilling with the proposed objectives.

One of the main activities that the country carried out is the approval of the Policy on Food and Nutritional Security that sets the path to the process consolidation to reach the most vulnerable population.

Learned lessons

  1. Technical cooperation in the country is strengthening with the coordinated work between the Pan American Health Organization and the Institute.
  2. Leadership and INCAP recognition in the region have allowed continuing with the technical cooperation in the country.
  3. La accountability on the interventions that the country performed promotes the credibility and strengthens the national counterpart’s chore.
  4. The success of the FNS local strategy is part of a lento and sustainable process developed at local levels, and currently, it is a relevant subject with technical and political commitment.

Main challenges for 2012

  1. Strengthening surveillance systems in the Ministry of Health (Direction of Health Surveillance, National Direction CEN-CINAI) for an correct and adequate decision making.
  2. Promotion of health as a fundamental
  3. component in national programs for prevention and control of non-communicable chronic diseases.
  4. Keep and strengthen reached achievements regarding to human resources development in FNS.


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