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slan jovenesThe XVII Latin American Nutrition Congress was held at Punta, Cana, Dominican Republic 8-12 November 2015. The theme of the congress was “Nutrition for sustainable Development”. At this event, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) hosted a symposium on “The contribution of the IAEA Technical Cooperation Program to Capacity Building in Nutrition for Sustainable Development”.

Five young investigators from Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru presented data from their Master´s or PhD theses that had been collected as part of the IAEA regional technical cooperation projects.

Topics included “Nutritional status of breastfed infants in La Paz, Bolivia”, (Noelia Urteaga), who also described the stable isotope technique used to assess breastfeeding practices and body composition; “Changes in body composition of breastfed and formula fed Guatemalan infants between 3 and 11 months” (Mónica Mazariegos); “Human milk intake of breastfed infants in Manabí province, Ecuador” (Anny Terán); “Feeding patterns and development of motor skills in infants in Macul district of Santiago, Chile” (Katherine Curi); and “Adolescent obesity and risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Vitória, Espirito Santo, Brazil” (Janine Silva).

The session was chaired by Manuel Ramírez, Coordinator of INCAP´s Research Center for the Prevention of Chronic Diseases.

The IAEA has supported the efforts to prevent malnutrition at Bolivia, Ecuador and Guatemala. These three countries are still battling against childhood undernutrition, but also are dealing with the emergence of obesity and related NCDs.

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