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INCAP Research Center for the Prevention of Chronic Diseases - CIIPEC

Terms of Reference
Research Scientist

 Summary of the position:

The research scientist should coordinate, plan, organize, execute, evaluate, and document projects and scientific research activities in the area of prevention and control of nutrition-related chronic diseases (NRCD), applying theoretical and practical principles of epidemiology and implementation science.

 Key functions:

1. Motivate and promote innovation on the INCAP’s scientific work, through the development of research proposals, projects, and initiatives related to NRCD.

2. Formulate, coordinate, monitor, organize, implement, evaluate and document research, technical assistance, education, and dissemination of information projects and activities in the areas of epidemiology and implementation science for NRCD prevention and control in Central America.

3. Participate in the elaboration, monitoring, and evaluation of plans and programs stablished on the INCAP´s strategic plan, in the short and medium term.

4. Prepare periodic progress reports for projects and activities in his/her responsibility and staff under his/her supervision.

5. Coordinate and develop diverse teaching and training activities within the institutional training and development of human resources programs, including related administrative tasks.

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