Food and Nutrition Security (FNS)


Local food and nutrition security is a methodological framework, in which the availability, access, consumption and biological utilization of foods are adapted to the political, economic, cultural and environmental characteristics at municipal level, with ample social participation, which allow the discussion and exchange among actors.  For the success, the phases of the implementation of this methodology involve a process of participation and commitment of local actors.

SAN local strategy facilitates the development of analysis capacity about the problems linked to food and nutrition insecurity and allows the institutional and civil leaders share their perspectives about the FNS components.  Each community should develop a FNS Plan, which is validated and socialized with the community with the aim so they can begin working on productive projects.

The principal actions carried out under the FNS Area are focused mostly on human resources development, transference of technologies, validation of training materials, and providing technical assistance to rural value chains.




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