Enhancement of Institutions Capacity


 One of the main objectives of this area is to enhance the skills on the institutional level of the Health and Academic Sectors that work on prevention and control of diet related chronic diseases, DRCD. This enhancement is achieved by the creation and reinforcement of institutional networks that both enable and facilitate communications and decision making.  The networks that have been organized so far are:

Network of Research Institutions in Chronic Diseases

The Chronic Diseases and Nutriton Unit through CIIPEC has created the Network of Research Institutions in Chronic Diseases, RIIEC. This Network includes universities from Mesoamerica and the Dominican Republic. To facilitate the actions of RIIEC, collaboration agreements between INCAP and each of the member institutions of RIIEC have been signed.

The aim of RIIEC is to promote collaboration among regional academic institutions for the strengthening of capacities of human resources and development of research projects related to prevention and control of chronic diseases. RIIEC has one official and one substitute representative from each participating universities and the General Secretariat of Consejo Superior Universitario Centroamericano (CSUCA). RIIEC is coordinated by the Chronic diseases and nutrition unit. The graph bellow shows the member universities of RIIEC.


 Technical Commission of Chronic Diseases and Cancer (CTCC)

According to the XXIV and XXV resolutions of RESCAD and the XXXI meeting of the Council of Health Ministries of Central America and the Dominican Republic (COMISCA), CTCC was incorporated in March 2,010 and includes representatives from the Ministries of Health and Social Security of the countries of Central America and the Dominican Republic.

The general objective of CTCC is to advise the Ministries of Health in topics related to NCD through the formulation of political, technical and administrative proposals promoting regional integration as a mechanism to potentiate and stimulate national actions.

The Action Plan  of CTCC has integrated various activities of the Health Plan of Central America and the Dominican Republic 2,010-2,015. Some of them are part of INCAP`s plan.

Partners Forum

The creation of the Partners Forum is based on an initiative of the Pan American Health Organization -PAHO- to strength public-private partnerships that facilitate the mobilization of technical and financial resources for prevention and control of Chronic Diseases -CND-.

Up to this date a Latin American forum was formed, plus some regional forums. According to agreements between PAHO and the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama -INCAP- the Unit of Chronic Diseases and Nutrition through CIIPEC was in charge of coordinating the creation of a Regional Forum for Central America and Dominican Republic. Currently CIIPEC in collaboration with PAHO, CTCC and COMISCA are in the process of obtaining contributions to introduce the Partners Forum and its mode of operation.

On the other hand, basis are being established for the alliance between organizations that compose the Forum and actions are being identified to develop a joint agenda in Central America and cross the Dominican Republic in relation to the issue of Chronic Diseases



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