FNS Legal Framework


Resolutions for Food  and Nutrition Security (Free translation from original documents in Spanish).

"We welcome the Regional Initiative for Food and Nutrition Security  in Central America led by the Ministers of Health and ask them to follow up with the technical and scientific support of the Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO / WHO), with the support of the SICA General Secretary "(Resolution 20, XIV Summit of Presidents, Guatemala, October 1993).

Considering this, the Health Sector of the Central American Region submitted for consideration by the Presidents of Central America a resolution - drafted by the XLIV Directing Council of INCAP - in favor of Food and Nutritional Security, which was passed in Guatemala in 1993, and repeated at other regional and national forums, giving the Sector  a mandate to support the practical implementation of this initiative, promoting the participation and coordination of all sectors (public, private and civil society).

Operationalization of the Food and Nutritional Security

"To support the practical implementation of the strategy of Food and Nutritional Security, based on criteria of equity, sustainability, productivity, sufficiency and stability, to ensure access, production, consumption and biological utilization of adequate food, articulating the agricultural and small animal production to agribusiness and profitable marketing mechanisms, primarily for our small and medium producers "(Resolution 38, XV Summit of Presidents, Guácimo, Costa Rica, 1994).

Based on the mandate of the Summit of 1994, the Institute has been supporting the operationalization of the Food and Nutrition Security in the context of the Borders of Solidarity initiative (Fronteras Solidarias), promoted and supported by the Social Integration Secretariat of the Central American Integration System (SICA)..

II Meeting of Ministers of Health in Latin America

"Unite for children and adolescents, based on justice and equity in the new millennium"

Ministers and Ministers of Health in Latin America gathered in the city of Panama,  October 19-20, 2000, in order ...


We, The Ministers  of Health in Latin America,  are committed to improving the nutritional status of children, adolescents and women of childbearing age, enhance continuing education programs, promote the protection of breastfeeding, ensure that supplies of micronutrients reach the most vulnerable through programs of food fortification, and to integrate food and nutritional security in processes and local development initiatives.

II Iberoamerican Summit

Recognizing the progress of SAN in the region, recently the Ministers  of Health of Central America proposed to the Meeting of Health in Latin America and then to the Summit of Presidents of the region a resolution supporting the initiative to promote food security Nutrition  throughout the Latin American region.

Food and Nutritional Security

7 - "The member countries of RESSCAD recognize the importance to strengthen the Fod and Nutrition Security initiative as a strategy for reducing the effects of poverty on health and human nutrition, and on the development of the populations of subregion.

Therefore agree to submit to the consideration of the Presidents of the member countries to ratify the Resolution 20 of the XIV Summit of Heads of State, held in Guatemala in October 1993 and give the maximum political support for all member countries to adopt as regional and State policy  the strategy of Food and Nutrition Security in its four components, strengthen the legal framework and promote the development and implementation of intersectoral action plans in each country. "(XVII RESSCAD Agreement, held in Managua, Nicaragua, \ in August 2001)

Pre-afirmation Reaffirmation of the importance of Food and Nutrition Security

At the meeting of the Health Sector of Central America and the Dominican Republic, RESSCAD XVII Meeting, held in Managua, Nicaragua, in August 2001, adopted the resolution that reaffirms the commitment to continue and strengthen activities to promote Food and Nutrition Security  at the regional level and the member countries.

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