Result Chronic Diseases and Nutrition 2011


Current Situation

According to the morbi-mortality charge and economy of non-communicable chronic diseases (ECNT) in the region, the prevention and control of 5 diseases has been prioritized (cardiovascular diseases, respiratory and renal, cancer and diabetes) and 5 risk factors (unhealthy feeding, physical inactivity, harmful alcohol consumption, tobacco consumption and pollution). INCAP work during current year was crucial, not only for the consolidation of work nets with other parties that have promoted in the region the (Technical Commission of Chronic Diseases and Cancer CTCC, in health sector and the Institutional Net of Research of Chronic Diseases –RIIEC, academic sector), but furthermore got the decisive support of the Ministries of Health and Chief of States and Government who signed the Antigua Guatemala declaration: Joined to stop ECNT epidemic on which they committed to contribute solving ECNT problems by prioritizing strategic guidelines and activities for the next 4 years in the region.

Main challenges for 2012

1. Contribute on work nets functioning conformed and its interaction (CTCC and RIIEC). 2. Achieve prioritization joint and intersectorial work areas on which proposals can be developed for mobilization of resources. 3. Reinforce virtual courses offered and their dissemination to achieve sufficient participants 4. Continue with the sustainability efforts of unit activities related to research, institutional strengthening in the region, training of human resources and information communication and dissemination. 5. Define the most important research areas that CIIPEC must follow proposing and implementing. 6. Wide publication of the research studies results and their transfer to direct users in the countries.



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