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collage INCAPINCAP is specialized in food and nutrition, Institution of the Central American Integration System.

Founded on September 14, 1949, based in Guatemala City and offices in each of its Member States: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Dominican Republic.

Health Ministers of the eight States and the Director of the Pan American Health Organizaton are the INCAP Directing Council, which is the highest organ of the Institute. INCAP establish institutional policy guidelines and technical guidance and administrative provisions of the Institution.

INCAP has as mission to support the efforts of Member States, providing technical cooperation to achieve and maintain Food and Nutrition Security of their populations, through its basic functions of research, information and communication, technical assistance, training and mobilization of human resources, and mobilization of financial and non financial resources as a support to its mission.

Its vision within the framework of the Central American Integration is to be a leading, self-sustainable and permanent institution in the field of food and nutrition in Central America and beyond its borders.



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