Mission and objectives


To comprehensively build capacities of governmental and academic institutions of Mesoamerica and the Dominican Republic providing evidence-based solutions through the generation and dissemination of scientific evidence and human resources training in the area of prevention and control of Diet-Related Chronic Diseases (DRCD) and their risk factors. 


CIIPE is a worldwide acknowledge Center of Excellence in the area of prevention and control of Diet-Related Chronic Diseases (DRCD) in Mesoamerica and the Dominican Republic.

Specific Objectives

1. To build the capacity to collect, monitor and analyze epidemiologic data,  the quality of clinical care and health and nutrition determinants.

2. To develop successful intervention models, that may be scaled up to a national context, for health promotion and DRCDs prevention and care.

3. To build institutional research capacities and provide opportunities for human resources training in matters related to DRCDs.








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